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In collaboration with you, we develop the best solution for your enterprise and situation. With our blended learning concepts, we promote goal-oriented, self-directed learning.

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11. May 2023
Review of our EXPERTS Input “Future AFRICA – Expertise and Cooperation”
callLast Thursday, May 4th our Experts Input „Future AFRICA – Expertise and Cooperation – Focus South Africa“ took place. During our moderated panel discussion, we gained […]
20. March 2023
St. Patrick’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day, or St. Patrick’s Memorial Day, is celebrated on March 17 each year. This holiday is an important occasion in Ireland and Northern Ireland […]
14. March 2023
The importance of Soft Skills
How important are soft skills actually? – This question and especially the answer to it are just as important for us as they are for you! […]
23. January 2023
World Day for African and Afrodescendant Culture
The World Day for African and Afrodescendant Culture was established by the UNESCO in 2019. Since then, it is held each year on January 24.
25. November 2022
Thanksgiving: the feast of the new world
Thanksgiving is celebrated on November 24 in the United States and Canada as a harvest festival. In this way, the discovery of the “New World” and […]
18. May 2022
From Fragile to Agile – Let your company grow
‘Growth and success in today’s marketplace is increasingly dependent on a willingness to be flexible and agile.’ (Scott M. Graffius, Agile Transformation)