1. January 2099

Sino-German collaboration

Since years, China is Germany’s largest trading partner. Often the German knowledge about China is still limited and biased by media coverage and individual projections about […]
1. January 2099

Intercultural Training Hungary: Successful communication and cooperation with Hungarian employees, colleagues and business partners

How can I communicate in an interculturally skilful and type-specific way to be able to recognise and avoid conflicts? The intercultural training for Hungary illustrates the […]
1. January 2099

Working successfully with Filipino colleagues

The business world has become globalised. Intercultural competence has therefore become an important core competence and condition for a successful international business engagement. In addition to […]
3. May 2022

Agile goes intercultural – Implementing agility in intercultural teams – Business training for executives, agile coaches and scrum masters

Today, agile work is part of business routine in many companies. Independent teams develop new solutions for individual customer requirements. Self-reflection and feedback are part of […]