1. January 2099
colorful lanterns

Intercultural Training Korea: Successful business with Koreans

„Even for serving cold water there is a procedure.“ (Korean proverb) You already know that without a business card you are a nobody in Korea – […]
1. January 2099

Intercultural Training Arab Countries: Twenty Two Arab Countries – One Arab World? Business Training for Specialists and Executives

The Arab region is often considered a “difficult” region for German businessmen, where Islam demands many restrictions from the people. Many differences and priorities shape and […]
1. January 2099
streetsign with kangaroo

Intercultural training Australia: Sun, Beach, and Didgeridoo? Down Under Business Training for Professionals and Executives

For tourists, students and businesspeople alike, Australia is an attractive destination. German companies appreciate the country’s closeness to Asian markets, its well-educated workforce and English as […]
1. January 2099
Bergsee mit blühenden Lupinen

Modular intercultural training New Zealand – Cross cultural competences

Many people in New Zealand are born overseas or have a parent who was born overseas. Many have friends and connections overseas due to their OE […]
1. January 2099
Seine and Eiffel Tower

Intercultural Competence France – Savoir vivre, laissez faire, savoir faire?

According to surveys, German companies have particular difficulties working with two countries. In Europe, France is at the top of the list and causes numerous misunderstandings […]
1. January 2099
Four people in front of a Laptop

Sino-German collaboration

Since years, China is Germany’s largest trading partner. Often the German knowledge about China is still limited and biased by media coverage and individual projections about […]
1. January 2099
five countries flags with three people in background

Short Workshop: Intercultural Pitfalls

Daily collaboration with different locations has long been a part of everyday work for many specialists and managers. Since last year, they have also been working […]
1. January 2099
Zwei Hände, die sich schütteln

Intercultural Collaboration France-China

French-Chinese project teams encounter many cultural misunderstandings though they could collaborate more smoothly when focusing on shared values, business practices and understandings. Our intercultural business training […]
1. January 2099
Boat in front of the thai skyline

Intercultural Training Thailand: Land of Smiles – A peek behind the Thai Smile

Thailand is the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia and the only country in the region that has never been colonized. Buddhism as the predominant religion has […]