30. August 2022

Intercultural Training: Beyond Oktoberfest, Chocolate and Ball Room Dancing – Doing Business in German-Speaking Europe

From a distance it may seem as if the cultural differences between Austria, Germany and German-speaking Switzerland may be minor and ignorable for doing business in […]
23. August 2022

Employee Motivation in times of Global Leadership

Demographics are rapidly changing, and our workforce is increasingly becoming more diverse every day, making it necessary, as a global leader, to understand motivation on an […]
16. December 2021

Successful cooperation with German partners

Germany offers a lot of interesting business opportunities for Chinese companies. But which intercultural factors influence the cooperation between China and Germany? What thought patterns, behaviors […]
23. September 2021

Reading the air – Conducting conversations and meetings with Japanese business partners

“Reading the air” is a bit more than the “active listening” we know from Western cultures: It means being able to perceive signals from interlocutors and […]
20. September 2021

Intercultural Training Vietnam: Basic and advanced modules by practitioners for practitioners

Basic seminar (duration 4h)* Do you regularly travel to Vietnam, are you posted there or do you often have to deal with Vietnamese colleagues and busines […]
16. September 2021

Cultural Agility – Your competitive advantage

Cultural agility sets the course for successful leadership in a highly dynamic and uncertain world. To prepare for international challenges, leaders must constantly evolve to drive […]
25. August 2021

Working successfully with Filipino colleagues

The business world has become globalised. Intercultural competence has therefore become an important core competence and condition for a successful international business engagement. In addition to […]
25. August 2021

Intercultural Know-How Romania

Romania is one of the younger EU accession countries (2007) and can look back on a good and steadily developing economy. Underestimated by many, Romania offers […]
25. August 2021

Intercultural Know-How Hungary

Hungary looks back on a long history and always fought for its independence. Even today, the fighting character shapes the country and its people. Economically, Hungary […]