1. January 2099
colorful Tajine pots

Negotiating in Arabia: Bazaar and Business? Ways for successful negotiations in the Arab Region

Negotiations in Arab countries are not always easy, often take a very long time to conclude, and can be frustrating and challenging for Europeans and US […]
1. January 2099
Boat in front of the thai skyline

Intercultural Training Thailand: Land of Smiles – A peek behind the Thai Smile

Thailand is the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia and the only country in the region that has never been colonized. Buddhism as the predominant religion has […]
1. January 2099
Kirschblütenbaum und Tempel in Japan

Reading the air – Conducting conversations and meetings with Japanese business partners

“Reading the air” is a bit more than the “active listening” we know from Western cultures: It means being able to perceive signals from interlocutors and […]

Collaboration is the new competition – Collaborative Communication Training Program in four modules

Imagine working in an environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing information, learning from each other, making suggestions for changes and improvements, and asking for what they […]